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From Provost-House to Dom-Hotel

1508 – 2008 500 Jahre Geschichte: das Dom Hotel
1508: Cardinal Matth�us long builds the Dompropstei.
1521: Augsburger city plan of J�rg Seld shows the dreist�ckige building of the Dompropstei.
1803: The secularized Dompropstei changes into the possession of the realm city Augsburg, which sells her 1804.
1858: To the earlier Dompropstei a memorial tablet is attached, which reminds of the builder and of the visits of the emperor Maximilians I.
1895: The association "catholic casino" furnishes guest rooms in the former Dompropstei.
1919: Josef Dietrich leases the former cathedral. He is the large and/or great-grandfather of the today's owners Gerd and Josef Illig. The house is called at that time “Goldene Glocke”.
1941: Josef Dietrich acquires the “Goldene Glocke”.
1946: The hotel in the 1944 hit by bombs former Dompropstei is again developed.
1972: The “Goldene Glocke” is renamed in “Dom Hotel” umbenannt.
2008: The “Dom Hotel” can look back on 500-years of house history.
2010: The facade of the “Dom Hotel” is being renovated and awarded by the Friedrich-Prince Foundation of the City of Augsburg. Award certificate facades 2010